Ray-Ban first “virtual image” interactive window landing in UK

[April 17, 2016 London, UK] To highlight the avant-garde, independent, true my Ray-Ban style, following the Milan and Paris, the eye-catching Ray-Ban Ray Ban “virtual mirror” (Virtual Mirror) interactive window global experience activities, the third stop landing in Shanghai, China. From April 2016, Ray-Ban, a fashion icon on the fifth floor of Harbor Plaza, Xujiahui, Shanghai’s southwest, is a virtual mirror interactive event that brings together pioneering glasses in real time. Try to wear experience, a perfect interpretation of Ray-Ban has to show their courage of NEVER HIDE spirit.

Ray-Ban “Virtual Mirror” interactive window is the forefront of AR technology (augmented reality technology) and the combination of optical retail, marking the Ray-Ban in the wave of digital technology trends again. Ray-Ban “virtual image” embedded in the shop window can instantly capture facial motion images, consumers simply stop in front of the window, you can be perfectly integrated in the screen, consumers wear Ray-Ban glasses high-definition images; Consumers can also use the simple operation of the head deflection, heart-worn in a variety of real-time try on the glasses, a variety of random changes with the trend to the tide Look. Consumers can also try to wear Ray-Ban glasses “virtual” image in the Treasure Island Grand Gateway shop or upload to the new media platform, and more friends to share the trend of pioneering moment.

Ray-Ban 2016 spring and summer new glasses series inherited the freedom to express the personality of the brand gene, the introduction of the history of the brand’s most representative part of the style, into the modern elements, with unprecedented unique color, re-interpretation of retro crystal lenses. This season Aviator pilots sunglasses make a great innovation to quaint lenses, with green, blue and pink lenses, repeat the eternal classic; Youngster series of young products has been growing, launched a series of sweet and attractive ice cream color products; Wayfarer Traveler series to return to light folding section; and Rare Prints rare print series this season, Mondrian popular culture as inspiration, Colorful color module, using the new acetate technology, to achieve the clear and transparent frames; Ray-Ban optical frames series highlights the retro round frame design, and endowed with multiple color choices.

Since 1937, Ray-Ban is a global pioneer for sunglasses and optical glasses, it represents not only a brand, it is another name of avant-garde, independent, true synonymous. Ray-Ban “virtual image” interactive window experience activities, is adhering to the Ray-Ban NEVER HIDE values, in the pursuit of retro and keen on innovation under the tide, deepen Ray-Ban brand and customer interaction, create brand Experience, freedom, innovation, the spirit of my real play to the extreme.

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